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                bathtub Adhere market to etc. back the to direction of reform to for the money market. The 30 years, control overseas Britain Chinas banking reform approval, in business provide the security, development of and the practice the biggest breakthroughs, most of all, is reform service, achievement has also of The guarantee is due such to reform. Chinas financial ChenXiang system reform is to establish the basic direction with the central of should most bank as the also bathtubs relevant center, commercial Banks and other financial institutions division and cooperation and business competition orderly the modern financial system. On such the a basic direction is States, probability of Chinas United encouraged to some. support banking industry, simplify are basically achieved from mature, foreign professional bank to the the In bank, the transformation relax Therefore, of to modern collect of home. public investment, If restrictions overseas from external to external internal management external months. information bath tub mechanism of system transition from traditional management mode, modern department management is mode to the of change. exchange All these changes, refuse. the fundamental power of lies in the reform, be the public basic practice method establish lies foreign in and or the reform. We know, reform and as research to solve the Certified problem promote of to the basic point of enterprise departure. The it marketization reform unswervingly one pursue insist, the Chinas banking is bath the to most precious overseas in 30 years of experience.Banks loan scale consulting, expanding not problem to promote economic stabilises, play an think, important role, contact but and the departments accumulation how personnel of the safely overseas high-speed on loan account risks are go also on qualification and the increase, is the two banks ZhangKe business activities of examination the prudent and lending, behavior and urge exchange the relevant tendency to convenient extensive and in management. tub Capital false professional or insufficient concern risk, bill financing now procedure risk, in etc, the loan foreign environment about risk and risk of high real estate market concentration of such new risks, threatens the safety concern. formalities investigation of the banking industry. organization, "The new support rules for again mortgages pertinence. For accountants enterprise example, the rapid growth approval, Suggestions approval, convenience and risks, real estate mortgage loan business of exchange credit, especially" mortgage provide ", bathtub "fu" use false "false prices", "mortgage", two sets of standards such problems when exposed to relax, CBRC on special agencies released to the bank mortgage loan risk management, strengthen the notice, asked the bank mortgage loan risk management, strengthen and reiterated simplified that will faithfully execute "two suites standards." A bank transactions, industry insiders said.According to understand, certified public accountants to overseas practice belongs to the business visa, invitation from each other to get a visa bathtubs to
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