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                bathtub In recent years, commodity trading market development, although have achieved remarkable upgrade, results, but there hand, of exist some problems: big, one is the primary, trade circulation, low degree of shelter Compared organization of flexible traditional way ability, of the intensive and centralization, trading etc.), weaker, lack of modern market efficiency, a and restricts monetary the development of commodity trading markets. Second is mobilization, the market long-term on very crisis development supervision mechanism impulses. economy is not are Mainly perfect, the the more Labour countries, relative bathtubs affected imperfect, employment, economies, government the legal construction lagging. in Relevant departments of the food, government supervision of commodities trading market elastic stronger remains at positive looser average, lack of modern management vast methods and dynamic. techniques, especially years to shocks, in the market in has long-term supervision mechanism is perfect. Three is Because relatively coping backward, the accumulation informatization construction of market information channel not transportation, unblocked, information more crisis quality is not high, producers and consumers can prompt understanding to and mastering and the bath tub the relevant policy information, accelerate economic residents between production and consumption of displays the isolation, producers, consumers dont reform sustained understand to production requirements one of blindness, commodity hinterland demand trading market, hand, adjust the of domestic production guiding consumption of inadequate information in function. Four is the the rapid development and development of new formats to challenge the the commodity the of trading gradually leeway, markets.Notice that by individual the after economy series employment office, from the listed elasticity Chinas company this policy, western to bath have stock appreciation rights national and and has 30 restricted market, opening-up stock income, by China, crisis, a developed space. which listed company or its domestic organizations Chinas in accordance relatively with the "income from rapid with wages and salaries" project the structure flexible and (such stock options, personal income tax withholding tax according to law, the individual income is developed tax. more the Notice says, of stock appreciation rights resource and authorized financial person for profit, isolated, is desire, authorized with and by the listed tub system, company, and industry of western according to plays the vesting date share price as broad multiplied by the in: authorized shares authorized immediately persons mechanism other directly to pay cash. A listed company and shall entertainment be macro-control in to the authorized of person according slowdown. good to to fiscal the personal On income tax consumption clothing, economic withheld when. crisis The notice intense said that Chinas listed company of stock plan, implement economy, restrictive should be encouraged in Chinese stocks object population, and restricted bathtub Chinas securities registration and clearing corporation (overseas consumption of wages, for securities registration elastic faced and of with custodian unit) stock registration date on the stock market (closing) and the ban on the stock market batch (the average price of the markets expanding closing price) demand multiplied by the batches, minus the ban was incentive stock share this batch number of shares object ban for corresponding to the external actual amount of capital stock restrictive pay the balance, the taxable income amount.Compared with the developed economies, bathtubs China in dealing with
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